n°50/ Deception

January 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


Remember how Belgian painter René Magritte named one of his most famous paintings: This is not a pipe. What did it show? A painted pipe, that is, not a real pipe for you could never stuff it. All images seekers came across this intimate grainy and indiscreet picture of John F. Kennedy cuddling Marilyn Monroe on his birthday night. Damn it, where were the bodyguards? It looks both so unreal and so real. But who really knows that it is entirely fake? The two people are just lookalikes of the famous lovers shot in 2000 by photographer Alison Jackson. Hey, what do you think? Too bad, they were so cute? Thanks God they managed to kept their privacy till the end? Watchers should always watch out…

 Marilyn Monroe & John Fitzgerald Kennedy