n°51/ This is Marketing

January 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


Remember those English candies we used to be thrilled about when we were kids? Those Quality Street round tins our hands used to rummage through for hours before we could pick up the very candy? Remember the metal-coated colors used to mean specific flavors like pink is yack, purple exquisite and yellow just perfect? Quality Street was launched in 1936 and acquired by Nestlé in 1988.  And guess what? Nespresso is also a Nestlé brand but started to be a real breakthrough in 1988 though it was patented some years before. Is it a sheer coincidence? It could be but I guess marketing executives had sweet memories on their mind-consciously or unconsciously- when they imagined the worldwide famous coffee capsules design. Yes marketing can also deal with the remembrance of things past...…