n°°53/ Drastic Surgery

February 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


Gorgeous red-haired Rita Hayworth used to be a brunette and to have a low hairline until one day a studio head "suggested" she raise her it and "advised" her to dye her hair red. Many sessions of electrolysis later, Hayworth's hairline was a full inch higher. A year later, she was in demand as one of Hollywood's top female stars. But her success did not come without cost. The star had to re-tint her hair every other day to prevent her natural black coming through. Interestingly though, the studio preferred to photograph Hayworth with one day's regrowth, saying the minute shading of black at the roots framed her face and enhanced her features. Yes the studios were tyrannical but they did have an eye. But poor Rita, imagine her shock when big ex husband asked her to cut her hair and dye it platinum blond.…

 Rita Hayworth