n°58/ Mispronouncement

March 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


There were times when French stars mispronouncing English words sounded charming and sexy. Remember Louis Jourdan, Maurice Chevalier but think of last year Oscar winner Jean Dujardin, scarcely able to do any better than his silent character unlike Marion Cotillard, Vanessa Paradis or Charlotte Gainsbourg who can speak an almost fluent English-yes, girls are still far better students. On the contrary, some French names do sound more charming while utterly mispronounced. Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Numéro 5, J'adore, Cartier… Could all those luxury brands invoke their very French DNA without those adorable American seeds even marketing French executives pretend to sow while working on their claims?

 Jean-Baptiste Mondino