n°61/ Class Shame

April 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


" I'm just tired of this superficial rock-and-roll thing in fashion", said lately Christophe Lemaire, Hermès fashion designer. Poor Hedi… Indeed fashion designers and brands have been using "this rock thing" to deny and twist luxury with indolent and cheeky looks, stage bravery saying that nothing scares you- you can deal with a long night of sex and whiskey- a slight but showing touch of carelessness, no lousy flirtatiousness or femininity. And last but not least, some social nonchalance in which everybody can read: "Okay I'm an upper class trendy girl but all the same I could give up the whole thing- social status, expensive clothes, money- and still be so trendy." Obviously Lemaire won't buy this stuff. He'd rather stick to what his brand has been saying for six generations: no trend will ever replace no self-hating upperclass style…