n°65/ Blooded by Chanel

April 2013


by Jennifer Tazzioli


With his « Designers drugs » series, American artist Desire Obtain Cherish tells a story of consumption. Another way to refer to the most popular current marketing leverage, namely brand DNA.  With a Chanel pill, be Chanel without wearing Chanel. In other words, Chanel is a vision of the world, a style, a way of being, needing neither a quilted bag nor a tweed suit. That’s how daring storytelling goes a step further, by making us litteraly swallow that buying isn’t essential, that brands have nothing to sell, that intangible takes over tangible. But let's try to decipher what the artist has in mind: how one of those would alter our skin, our blood, our heart…Would it provoke some kind of  inner total look, covering our mucous membranes with a designer label fluid ? Could it be possible for a Vuitton organism  to reject  a Hermès bag ? Or for a skin blooded by Dior a rival skincare lotion ? As the consumer could be rightfully overwhelmed with those fears,  the reading of the manual is highly recommended.

 Desire Obtain Cherish