n°66/ Grocery Shopping

May 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


He could be just another helping father doing the grocery shopping on an ordinary Saturday morning. He's going to bring back home a few packs of Brillos because of all these saucepans his wife uses to cook spaghettis, beans and stews, all family meals. He doesn't forget about the Cokes and those Campbell's soup cans the kids always ask for. He could live in Connecticut or in New Jersey, work as an accountant in a big company and commute everyday to Manhattan. But guess what? He is none of this. He's an artist whose issues deal with consuming and serial production, mainstream stuff and advertised desires. He invents a new kind of artistic representation and when he's through with shopping and art, he has fun with drug addicted friends on a dance floor or in a swimming pool filled with vodka.

 Andy Warhol