n°67/ Love Clock

May 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


For its 66th edition, the Cannes Film Festival chose to celebrate one of the most glamorous and lasting movie stars couples, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Shot on the set of A New Kind of Love in 1963, in which the two starred, the picture enlightens a rare kind of love perfection made of symmetry, harmony and balance. It could be five to eleven or seven on this clock, their love will always be on time, tenderly sharp, as their hands cuddling each other's heads. No delay, no misunderstanding, no standing up, no cheating because as Newman used to say "Why fool with hamburgers when you have steak at home?". But he died in 2008. Joanne Woodward is still expected in Cannes but will she have the strength to show up without him? And if so, what time will it be on their love clock?

 Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman