n°69/ Cheeky Gary

May 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


He's remembered as a lonesome cowboy whose steady male attitude would make any woman fall. But just have a look at Gary Cooper by the 1920s. He's in his twenties, shirt half-open, hairy like he will never be again on a screen. He wears make up, stands untidily in front of the camera all hips ahead, glossy lips kissingly offered, sipping champagne with one hand while the other…Well, what would you say about his hidden left hand but something we can't decently mention here? As if the 1920s in Hollywood were hiding secrets from the 1950s audience. As if some big stars started their career on a totally opposite iconic basis. Yes, you got it: cheeky Gary was at that time the perfect gay icon…

 Gary Cooper