n°74/ Revolution is Fun

July 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


When we think of Bauhaus artists, we usually see them as formal German intellectuals whose radical ideas about form and design couldn't be but ascetic and serious. Until we came across this photography by Erich Consemüller. It's called Marcel Breuer and his "harem" and was shot while Breuer headed the carpentry workshop at the Bauhaus as a junior master. The women appear self-confident, with cool gazes and tousled shocks of short hair, and in modern dress. Breuer is looking at his companions skeptically, with his arms crossed. going like "are these are ‘my’ women?"The actual date of the photo is hard to judge from their haircuts and clothing. It could just as well have been made in the 1980s with friends of Robert Smith. Did you know that the Bauhaus was just a bunch of jolly young fellows?

 Marcel Breuer