n°77/ David Bowie is...

July 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


A friend of mine went to London lately and came back from the V&A Museum with a very unusual, naive and ashamed question: "Who is this David Bowie everybody is talking about?" Okay, she's more than 70. Okay she's an academic scholar much more interested in high than in popular culture. But still. So I started to tell her about the rock star, the outstanding performer, his androgyny, his uncanny charm. I went on with his influence on fashion saying that Versace, Mc Queen, Galliano or Raf Simons wouldn't design the way they did/do without Bowie. That French ready to wear brand Zadig&Voltaire made its way through mass fashion thanks to a consistent Bowish inspiration. That Tilda Swinton would be a nobody without Bowie and so and so. Then I stopped my stubborn pitch and thought: David Bowie is just the singer who sang this beautiful sad song about Berlin, so called Heroes. We can be heroes just for one day…And that's it.

 David Bowie