n°78/ Ego Colors

July 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


Fashion designers love colors. Even more, they love to create their own colors. Or at least to trademark them, like Dior Grey, Valentino Red or Chanel Black. In the 1920s, French designer Jeanne Lanvin went much further when she opened her dyeing worshop to prepare her very own colors : the Lanvin Blue, the Velasquez Green, the Polignac Pink. The question is : why didn’t she name her blue after Fra Angelico Blue or the Quattrocento for she got her tone from The Coronation of the Virgin by the Florentine painter whereas she named her green and pink after two references. Forty years later, painter Yves Klein created his own blue, quite similar to Lanvin’s, and decided to name it after himself, as if blue was always an ego color.

 Jeanne Lanvin

 Fra Angelico

 Yves Klein