n°81/ Highly Visible Summer

August 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


Did you happen to notice that we just went through a highly visible summer? Wherever you were, you could only spot bright pink tops, bright orange sandals or flashy green nail polished fingers. Till then, fluorescent colors were only dedicated to technical and plastic stuff like sport equipments, beach toys and high visibility jackets. Till then fluorescent colors didn't match with fashion standards and couldn't reach social life-let alone catwalks- but something really happened. Obviously the clothing industry has been asked to find out new devices to produce nice cotton fluorescent tee-shirts, cashmere sweaters and silk dresses. And bring up a new trend. Is it that the color block one needed a next step to brightness to go through dark recession times as if all our dress codes should be stamped with the joyful signature tone of leisure and turn life into a mere beach game? Have we discovered a new range of colors that can enlighten our complexion in any circumstances, or even more, give us the power to embody light as if we were all living in a James Turrell display ? In a nut shell, fluorescent colors may only add to regular colors what digital added to traditional photography: a magical touch of unreal perfection.