n°84/ L.A Sisters

September 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


Alex and Vanessa Prager are L.A. artists that couldn’t be born elsewhere. In their world, enerything is glam, cinematic and obviously dramatic. Have a look at Alex’s 2012 Compulsion series for example: despair is all over for these tiny figures lost in wilderness, hung to electric pylons or just falling down the air. Any of them could be a contemporary version of the miserable Miss Lonelyhearts in Hitchcock Rear Window. As for Vanessa, five years younger than her sister, she’s famous for her drawings with ballpoint pens displaying strange creatures on music scores. As to make them sing. Let alone their extravagant world, as self-taught beautiful and smart young artists, the Prager sisters could be the characters of a modern tale storytellers always look for. Much more inspiring than the Hiltons or the Kardashians, don’t you think ?

 Alex Prager


 Vanessa Prager