n°88/ Bags, bags, bags

October 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


They have names, first names, even nicknames. Kelly, Billy, Lady D, Speedy, Birkin etc. All names made of legends, myths and icons. Women could spend fortunes on them and wait for them for years. They stick to their hands and arms like little colorful creatures, much quieter than kids will ever be. You can't watch a single fashion show without being surrounded by them. You may even think that models and clothes are here to expose them whereas it should be the other way around. But in spite of all their huge popularity and fame, bags lost the one precious thing they were made for: privacy. Even more, secrecy. Just have a look at some famous iconic women always carrying bags, Hitchock's female characters: they all hid inside some piece of secret, neurosis, trauma, all stuff you would never find in any of those sophisticated little creatures…

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