n°89/ So Goude

October 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


Some creators are great when it comes to talking about their work. Some are not. Jean-Paul Goude tells the story of his unforgettable ad movie for the fragrance Egoïste by Chanel, shot in 1990. Ages ago but still great. "Farida, the woman I was living with at this time, wrote an extraordinary poem entitled "The Woman With A Nose Cut Off". It related a terrible story she had witnessed when she was living in the Minguettes housing project in Lyon: a macho man that went mad with jealousy cut off his wife's nose to punish her for her unfaithfulness. The North African housewives around witnessing the tragedy from their window, would go like insulting the criminal while slamming the shutters in rhythm. As Farida couldn't adapt her poem for TV , I revived it for Egoïste and replaced the North African housewives by angry top models bending over a Riviera palace balconies and blaming men for their selfishness. The movie was shot outside of Rio, in the middle of nowhere where we made up some palace facade inspired by The Carlton in Cannes in only four weeks. Egoïste is my best ad movie ever."

 Jean-Paul Goude