n°90/ Sunset Patterns

October 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


It's a shame that Parisian Grand Palais exhibition about Félix Vallotton's work doesn't show his 1910s sunsets.  Deeply influenced by Japanese prints, they give up the traditional perspective for a two dimensional representation. Colors never fade away even in the distance, shadows never alter density or intensity.Vallotton boldly chooses tint areas to stage his landscapes. Skies, seas, beaches all appear like thick stripes of colors placed on top of one another, merely superimposed, showing no care for perspective or geometrical depth, just like in Nicolas de Staël paintings, forty years later. And Vallotton rises the same old riddle about painting: why do tint areas stand for boldness modernity? Any matter what, one can drown into pure color and consider Mother Nature as a mere but blowing collection of patterns. Absolutely stunning. Till January 20.

 Félix Vallotton