n°93/ Suzy Lee, The Big Blue Wave

November 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


Some children’s books are fundamental because of their simple way to tell deep and universal stories. Wave by Korean-born author Suzy Lee is one of them. It’s been published in San Francisco in 2008 and won’t stop its international breakthrough since then.

It’s about a little girl playing on a beach, seagulls on her side. She faces a playful wave, defyingly kicks and shouts at it. But the nameless charcoaled tiny creature’s bravery won’t last. The roaring splashing monster scares her too much so that she finally gives in and just sits on the sand, completely washed up.

In forty wordless and sparingly drawn pages, Lee captures the fascination and ongoing sense of awe that big scaring things inspire in each of us, no matter how old.

 Suzy Lee