n°94/ Imogen Poots, The Beauty & The Beast

November 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


She’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s making a breakthrough with the new Chloé ad campaign. She’s Imogen Poots. and comes after previous blond egeries such as Camille Row or Clémence Poesy but she’s different. She belongs to this new category of models, the amazon-like stuff, pretty but tough. Sweet as trash can be with her thick bushy eyebrows and her do you wanna fight look. In an interview with The Guardian, Proot says : "Debauchery has to be inspiring whether you're taking part in it or whether you just observe it.Think about the artist Paul McCarthy and his exhibits. Everybody's flocking to see them, because we're all repressed and he's somebody who's speaking out. His dirty, dirty thoughts are on show for everyone to indulge in. It's healthy. » Okay then all these bushy eyebrows models drinking vodka are just mere health to us. Except that they can also turn into pretty little faces when it comes to ad. Just like in the old times of the Actor’s Studio, when big stars would appear either all dressed up or acting casual. Remember Brando, Newman or Monroe. Beauties and beasts. Simply human.

 Imogen Poots