n°95/ Leighton & Leibovitz, Unsleeping Beauties

November 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


Did you have a chance to see the December issue of Vogue US? Barefeet Jessica Chastain lies in a muslin golden yellow dress on a velvet burgundy couch, in front of the sea. With her long red hair pouring on her arm, she looks perfectly quiet and serene, imitating Lord Frederic Leighton' s Flaming June, painted in 1895. But, come on, let's spot the difference! Whereas Chastain faces Annie Leibovitz's camera, the painter's model falls asleep. You got it: fashion photographers, although always keen on telling us fairy tales, just hate sleeping beauties. Especially when these beauties are big Hollywood stars, outrageously hired, who are not allowed to ignore their viewers that is to say, buyers and brands. Sleeping beauties are too luxurious to afford.

 Frederic Leighton


 Annie Leibovitz