n°96/ Ann Demeulemeester, So Long

December 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


When Robert Mapplethorpe shot Patti Smith in 1975, none of them knew the picture was going to be iconic. So iconic that three years later, the artist Ernest Pignon-Ernest painted a rock’n’roll Arthur Rimbaud on a wall of Paris in which the young poet holds his jacket over his shoulder, just like Patti. So iconic that Belgian fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester founded her brand on this wild and melancholic rock’n’roll attitude she fell for when she listened to Horses. And you know Patti, how she always quotes Rimbaud. So where does the whole thing start ? Where does the inspiration come from ? As Patti said it once, artists have from two genealogies, the blood one and the artistic one, all maze and tangle…The sad thing is that Ann Demeulemeester just decided to quit her maison. Just like Margiella, one of her fellow students at the Antwerp Fine Arts Academy. Her last show will be on January 27, 2014 in Paris. Patti will definitely be there. What about Rimbaud ?

 Ann Demeulemeester


 Patti Smith


 Ernest Pignon Ernest