Kamel Mennour


"Trendy, elegant, multidisciplinary, innovative… The Red List offers a continuous back and forth between different disciplines an epochs. The Red List is a gold mine of information about what's going on today in the creative arts, in all the ways it can be seen and thought about. The Red List is the new must-visit site!"

Marie-Pierre Lannelongue

Editor in Chief M. le Magazine du Monde

" The Red List is a revolutionary idea: giving free access to the visual arts -which the Old World tends to forget too easily- fashion, graphic design, and interior design. It's a genuinely Civilisation 3.0 idea. Not to mention the fact that it's also a perfect tool for all those who work with images but don't have access to a library. The Red List has understood that the world has changed."

Renaud de Lesquen

Head of Dior China

"The Red List is the visual library we were waiting for. Thanks to its lists and profiles, we can either refresh our memory or feed it with new images. And as Shakespeare wrote "Memory is the warder of the brain." "

Camille Miceli

Accessories Art Director, Dior

"The Red List is the exception that confirms the rule."

Charlotte Bouvier

Marketing & Communication Director of Uniqlo France

"An intelligent inventory of all that's beautiful in all its forms. An enlightened and indispensable guide to exploring the labyrinth that is the creative arts. In short, the indispensable tool for creative and communicators everywhere."

Robert Stalder


"At last a website that encourages a past and present dialogue and might slow down the internet speed with reflection. The Red List is the one chance to minor the importance of "the hottest news". "

Jean-Claude Boulet

"The Red List is a great global initiative to encourage and develop people's knowledge of a huge number of artists and to build bridges between different disciplines."

Hervé de la Martinière

Publisher, Chief Executive Officer of La Martinière, Le Seuil Group

"Finally, a site that's not humdrum. It offers works or artists to help your image searches, but with taste, sensitivity and intelligence, so that you may only stay for the pleasure. It's a little like visiting an exhibition full of works I love."

Augustin Trapenard

Book Critic

"Amazing land of beauty, creativity and possibility. Let's face it: red is beautiful."

Rhea Thierstein

Art Director & Set Designer

"The Red List is a wonderfully important addition to the online stratosphere of the representation of the arts. It's so refreshing to see such a broad spectrum of creatives put together in this way. And endlessly inspiring portal into images and ideas known and unknown."

Nupur Tron

Ambassadress of Art & Culture French-Indian

"Pennical and pedimy of quality information in luxury lifestyle."

Benni Valsson


"Did you already have a look at The Red List? Not Yet? Me neither but my best friends told me that is was a great site and my best friends are always right. Fingers crossed."

Sandra Mulliez

Founders of SAM Art Projects

"I finally found a cultural site that corresponds totally with what I search in art and culture. I'm divided between wanting everybody to know about it, sharing the info, or keeping it to myself egoistically… But I guess I'll be a nice girl…"

Alain Frachon

Columnist - Le Monde

"These people are about trends. Important trends, in fashion, cinema, photography, architecture, design, painting. The Internet and the philosophers want to classify the world. The List classifies images. Important images. The ones that frame our world -and our minds. That is why I regularly visit the List. As a journalist, they work for me."

Luchino Visconti


"Internet can be overwhelming. The Red List is the man-made filter that sifts relevant from the rest in art."

Fabienne Leclerc

Gallerist - In Situ

Among the vast diversity of cultural offerings, The Red List stands as a very astute choice. Like an erudite but never boring friend with whom we love to stroll, see everything, while discussing and above all sharing…