by the Red List Team

The Red List Is global.

With more than 100,000 images, 6,000 profiles and links, arranged into more than 600 sections and categories, the Red List organizes and concentrates the wealth of images to be found online. After all, what is a list if not a tool to manage infinity? So to manage the Internet’s visual infinity, the Red List is organized by genres – photography, cinema, fine art, fashion, and so on – with lists inside each genre to guide image researchers.

The Red List Is a source of inspiration for the visual arts.

Designed as a trend book and a source of inspiration, the Red List offers total immersion in the whole world of visual arts so as to build bridges between historic and contemporary creativity. What would cinema be without photography? Interior design without architecture? Fashion without painting? Image researchers need to see what’s new and innovative, but they also need to train their eye by picking up on the references, echoes and allusions that have nourished (and continue to nourish) artistic creation.

The Red List Is a political statement.

The Red List is about returning the fundamentals of the digital revolution by reviving a vision of the Internet that’s free and accessible to all. The Red List uses the fact that works are moving from the physical to the virtual – and so circulating differently – to promote the principle of online appropriability. The Red List classifies images that are already available online so that their sheer wealth becomes more easily accessible. It highlights extracts from works to give an insight into different and unique visual universes. And by asking users to curate their own selections and suggestions, the Red List stands up for the idea of an inclusive community.

The Red List Is free and not-for-profit.

The Red List will never make a profit on the works it shows. The Red List stresses its transparency by always putting its accounts online.

The Red List Is a showcase for artists of all kinds.

The Red List systematically sources and credits all the content it shows; it gives the contact details for all the artists it features; and it uses only low-definition images that can’t be used commercially and are already available online. The founding principles of the Red List are raising the profile of artists and designers and making culture available to all. And any artist who wants their work removed from the site can simply contact us and we’ll do it immediately.

The Red List Is multidisciplinary.

Through regular editorials and trend dossiers, the Red List builds bridges between different visual arts, eras and places. In both shorter and more in-depth articles, the site’s contributors explain their taste and visual culture to the widest audience possible.

The Red List Is selective.

It offers a selection of articles, which don’t pretend to be encyclopaedic, written by passionate experts [click] – architects, designers, specialist journalists and academics – who have long travelled the world of images and who aren’t afraid to make choices. The Red List will not be pressured into featuring any artists.

The Red List Is now open.

And it will continue to grow and update its lists. It will soon feature sections on dance, comic books, advertising and TV series. Last but not least, the Red List actively encourages users to send in their contributions, comments, and suggestions: Contact us.

The Red List Is yours.

With My Red List and Your Lists the Red List allows you to create your own selections, share your ideas and become part of the Red List Community.