Benson, Harry (1929)

Harry Benson first raised to fame in 1964 when he was asked to chronicle the rise of the Beatlemania and in particular their ‘American Invasion’, managing to witness some of their most intimate and genuine moments. From Martin Luther King Jr to Al Pacino, the British photographer captured the most legendary figures of the contemporary society including every American president since Dwight D. Eisenhower. He also depicted dangerous and historical events such as the first Gulf War, the IRA in Belfast or Robert F.Kennedy’s assassination mostly because of his assignments for Life magazine. Harry Benson’s father was the curator of Glasgow’s Zoo and in a way we can say the photographer designed his very own menagerie revealing all the faces of our society from glamorous icons to historical records, should it be a juvenile pillow fight, a tragic 9/11 or a naked Kate Moss.

Tags / Harry Benson - British Photographer - 1970s - Portrait - Icon - History - Documentary

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