Grace Kelly & Rainier III, Prince of Monaco

Invited at Cannes’ Film Festival, in 1955, Grace Kelly meets the prince of Monaco and in 1956, the American actress becomes a princess while she settles in Monaco after a sumptuous wedding. Many at the time already question the choice of that beautiful and popular woman who has a successful career in Hollywood and decides to end it all to marry ‘the sad prince of Monaco.’ Grace Kelly, indeed, accommodates herself difficultly to the regal protocol and her palace that looks more like a golden prison than a fairytale. Yet she plays her part perfectly - she was an actress after all - and reigns on the Monegasques’ hearts as she assists her husband in his official duties: ‘My husband presents me like a government and I present him like my superior’. What did Grace Kelly really seek in that glorious role? Enter history and finally impress that father who demanded so much from her?

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