Carmen Dell'Orefice (1931)

Carmen Dell'Orefice is discovered by the wife of a photographer in New York at only 13 and appears on her first Vogue cover in 1947. Erwin Blumenfeld's favourite model, she nonetheless financially struggles with her mother and is notorious for having photographers stuff her curves with tissue as she was so malnourished. A muse to Salvador Dali and the icon of a legendary Melvin Sokolsky photography entitiled Carmen Las Meninas, Carmen Dell'Orefice decided to retire from modeling in 1958 following her second marriage. However, in 1978, she revives her career and promptly appears as an iconic aging beauty, known as today's oldest working model who has had 'more covers in the past 15 years than in all the years before that'. Greatly elegant with her majestic allure, Carmen Dell'Orefice stands as the banner of a mythical past glamour.

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