Freja Beha (1987)

Although the fashion scene was acclaiming a return to curvy figures, the Danish model stood out with her androgynous allure. Having desired to become a rock star as a child, Freja Beha imposed her rock attitude on catwalks and in photographies, establishing her laid-back boyish attitude, her iconic 1970s haircut à la Patti Smith – she is said to have cut herself – and her tattoos and becoming on of Karl Lagerfeld's favourites. When she was seen kissing fellow models, Irina Lazareanu and Catherine MacNeal, the rumours surrounding her supposed homosexuality increased and as a cheeky hint, Karl Lagerfeld chose to stage, for his 2009 Chanel show, a charming Sapphic scene featuring Freja Beha and Lara Stone.

Tags / Freja Beha - Danish Model - Rock - Androgynous - 2000s - Fashion - Homosexuality

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