Anita Berber (1899 - 1928)

The daughter of a cabaret singer and a violinist, Anita Berber also follows an artistic path and studies theatre and dance from a young age. Appearing on several cabaret stages and fueled by a strong desire for stardom, she proposes audacious and provocative performances that portray violence, life and passion while she becomes the first dancer to execute her act entirely naked. In the meantime, the dancer is also introduced to cinema and appears in Richard Oswald’s Lucifer or Prostitution and Fritz Lang’s Dr Mabuse. When partnering with Sebastien Droste for their edgy and erotic theatrical dance show, Dance of Depravity, Horror and Ecstasy, the pair evokes their personal lives and depict their liking for drugs, alcohol and an unrestrained sexuality. Not only her talent but also her eccentric style - her sculptural allure, her red lips painted with a black heart, her masculine trousers - turn her into Berlin’s decadent and devilish icon that fascinates as much as she scandalizes. Her fall and her death symbolically was as brutal as that of Berlin’s interwar debauched era, yet Anita Berber’s revolutionary flair nonetheless influenced such figures as Marlene Dietrich who managed to establish it as a glamorous standard.

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