Al Capone (1899 - 1947)

Born in New York to Italian immigrants, Alphonse Gabriel Capone became involved in gang activity from his adolescence. He was given his famous nickname, Scarface, after he was slashed on the face during a fight in a nightclub. In the early 1920s, he settled in Chicago where he took advantage of the Prohibition to earn money with such illegal activities as smuggling alcoholic beverages and prostitution. Al Capone soon became an important public figure who hid behind the image of a respectable father who spent time with wealthy figures and made donations to charities. He was therefore seen as a modern-day Robin Hood until the Valentine's Day massacre that damaged his public reputation. In 1931, the gangster was sentenced to the Alcatraz federal prison from which he was released in 1939. One of the most prominent figures of American crime, Al Capone inspired numerous books and films and remains the stereotyped image of the mobster wearing a pinstriped suit and a tilted fedora.

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